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Fabric Shrinkage

Plain unprinted fabric shrinkage varies upto 10% depending on fabric type. Woven fabric is prone to less shrinkage in comparison to stretchable fabric. We recommend fabric to be washed prior using that for manufacturing product particular in case where shrinkage is concern. The shrinkage test could be done after ordering Fabric sample pack or Test swatch from us. Please read section “Wash Care Guide” to understand washing process for test shrinkage. Polyester fabrics has negligible shrinkage in comparison to Natural fabrics.

Printed Woven fabric shrinkage vary upto 7% and Prited stretch fabric varies between 3% - 10% shrinkage depending on Lycra (Spandex) composition. The stretch fabrics must be wash test for shrinkage before using to manufacture product. Sample Pack Fabrics or Test Swatch could be washed for fabric test before placing order for bulk. Please read carefully “Shrinkage” parameter of all fabrics displayed in the information respectively.

Wash Care Guide

We recommend gentle machine wash at 30 - 40 degrees along with mild detergent for both unprinted fabrics. Please check plain fabric thoroughly to avoid any sticker, spot, mark on the fabric prior washing. The Plain fabric must be wash separately but not mix with printed clothes and fabrics to avoid staining or tint with superficial colors.

Printed Fabrics are sensitive to washing procedure and may get wash at 40 degrees with mild detergent. Do not Brush, Rub or Scrub printed fabric to avoid damage to print quality. Polyester fabrics can be washed in cold / hot water with standard machine wash cycle. Clients are liable for their own fabric tests before bulk manufacturing in order to clear any doubt related to Rubbing, Washing or Dry Clean fastness.

Drying & Iron Care

Plain unprinted fabric or Printed fabric can be tumble dry or hang dry after washing.

Ironing of unprinted / printed fabric with respective iron standard mark on the Iron equipment. We recommend mild steam for consistent wrinkle free iron of plain fabrics. Please be careful while ironing lightweight fabrics as keeping high contact time may lead to burn mark or damage of the fabric.

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