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Seller Agreement

The agreement states that you wish to have your designs available to sell to people using our marketplace through website and your designs will be purchase for Fabric and producing end product. Here “You” refer to the seller of the designs through Tex India website. You participate with your consent for selling your designs by accepting this Agreement. The “Seller Agreement” control your design selling activity through our website.

The acceptance of “Seller Agreement” clear your obligations under Tex India’s Terms & Conditions, incorporated here in reference. You are bound by the terms of the agreement that includes your consent of using our marketplace for your content available for selling through your discretion. The Agreement changes time to time and your acceptance to the agreement will automatically signify your consent for acceptance of changes in agreement.

Selling Designs

Selling your design through our website is on your discretion and we are open to all designers / students / faculty to participate and sell their creativity abide by the terms of this Agreement. You also confirmed that the designs used to sell will not violate any copyright, trademark or publish rights by third party and this is strictly bound to this agreement of understanding to sell.

Through this agreement, we understand that designs will be provided to sell for use of printing the fabric or manufacturing of products exclusively by Tex India for the customers against selection of designs by people through website. Tex India has rights to use your print to sell print fabrics or products to clients. The designs are preserved for a limited period with Tex India.

Commission & Payment

Please read carefully below points associated with commission & payment:

  • Tex India will print the fabric or make the product using your designs assigned for selling against orders received from client through their website.
  • Tex India set the retail price of printed fabric or product manufactured using your design while selling through their website.
  • If you act as customer using your design to get printed fabric or product through our website, we shall offer 10% flat discount on the retail price only for you but you will not receive any commission or payment.
  • Tex India keep rights to modify your design in terms of colour adjustment or repeat setting / size setting etc. depending on the custom order requirement from client.
  • Any commission / payment related to reject/return /refund of printed fabric or product shall not be execute and if payment made before such issues, the amount shall be adjust in next transaction.
  • You will receive commissions for designs selling through our website that will be calculated as per ten percent (10%) of the retail price. Further discounts in addition to commission will be applied as per below:
  • Earn Bonus 3% on print fabric sales if your commission exceed $500 / month
  • Earn Bonus 5% on print fabric sales if your commission exceeds $1200 / month
Privacy Policy

Tex India knows the importance of your Privacy. You give consent to use your personal information including email address and mail address by offering designs to display for sale through our website as per description in the Privacy Policy. Tex India use different application and software to control operations of order execution and you hereby acknowledge with your understanding to use of such programs.


During any external disputes including a third party claim for violation of use of copyright design uploaded by you on our website for selling or any legal taxation issues at your side or violation of this agreement, Tex India management and employees or as a company will be out of responsibility for any such case. You will solely handle this in case of occurrence of any such events.

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